Q What are the benefits to use Chinapayments.com.au to make a payment?


  1. A simple and easy way to make payments: this platform will allow you to have the best experience while making your cross-border payment.
  2. RMB pay AUD: A unique platform that offers local bills/invoices to be paid in RMB, hassle-free.
  3. Fast: the platform enables you to make payments in minutes and also saves using your yearly exchange quota.
  4. safety: we have strong internal controls and processes to ensure customers’ data is always kept secure. Please also see below for security of payments.


Q : Payment processing 

A : Chinapayments.com.au is a business unit of Novatti an ASX listed (ASX: NOV) award-winning global software technology and systems integration provider and is an authorized representative of Flexewallet Ltd (AFSL 448066). All payments are monitored and are compliant to Australia and China regulations. Click here to learn more.


Q: Does this payment affect the $50,000 USD exchange quota from S.A.F.E?

A: No, this is a cross-border payment method and does not fall under the exchange sector.


Q: Are there any fees

A: Yes, please see current rates here .


Q: Can I pay ALL BPAY bills?

A: BPAY has over 45,000 registered billers, however due to China regulations, sectors such as investments, properties and gambling are not authorized for cross-border payments. At the moment we can support payments to over 28,000 billers, if the biller you want to pay cannot proceed, please feel free to contact us at support@chinapayments.com.au .


Q: Is there a payment limit to each bill?

A: The minimum payment is $1 AUD; the maximum payment is $5000 AUD at the moment.


Q: What if my bill is over $5,000?

A: You can make multiple payments. For example, if your bill is $ 20,000AUD, you can split the bill to pay 4 times in $5000.


Q:  What happens if I pay more than the bill’s amount?

All payments will be directed to your biller. Under most circumstances, the exceeded amount you have paid will be converted into credit and will appear on your next bill cycle. For example, if you have a $100 Optus bill and you paid $200, the exceeded $100 will be converted into credit and your next bill will be – $100. For more details please contact your biller.


Q: I see “The payment amount you have entered is not correct or not accepted by the Biller.”, what does this mean?

A: Some billers have opted for iCRN (Intelligent Customer Reference Number). What happens in such cases is that the amount provided is also used in the calculation of the check digits. The expectation from the Biller is that the customer should enter the “correct” amount only to make the payment. Any other payment amount other than the one present in the bill will be rejected.


Q: Can I pay on someone else’s’ behalf?

A: Yes, just ensure you enter the correct biller code, reference number and amount on the BPAY bill. It does not have to be under your name, remember to screenshot the receipt to share with the payer addressed.


Q: What should I do if I have any issues making the payment?

A: Please contact us on www.chinapayments.com with live chat during working hours, or email us at support@chinapayments.com.au. Both English or Chinese is okay!


Q: Can I make a BPAY payment when I’m overseas?

A: Yes, BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to ChinaPayments.com.au


Q: I made a mistake! What should I do? 

A: Don’t worry! If you have:

  • Used the wrong Biller Code or Customer Reference Number (CRN) , payments normally cannot process, please re-enter the biller code and reference number again.
  • Accidentally paid the same bill twice contact your biller to get a refund.
  • If you paid too little, simply make another payment to cover the difference.



Q: What is BPAY? 

A: BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia which enables payments to be made through a financial institution’s online, mobile or telephone banking facility to organizations which are registered BPAY billers, currently there are over 45,000 registered BPAY billers across Australia. Some popular BPAY payments are utility bills (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.), fines, tuition fees, visa fees and much more.


Q: How long will it take for the biller to receive the funds?

A: In most cases within 2-3 business days.


QHow do I find a Biller Code?

A: Just look for the distinctive BPAY logo on your bill:

On a bill, you can find it in the payment options section, usually on the back or second page of the bill. If you’re shopping online, you can find it on the payment options page.

Search for a Biller Code >


Q: What is a Customer Reference Number (CRN)? Where do I find it?

A:  A CRN is a unique number that your Biller uses to identify your account or the invoice you are paying. You can find it in the payment options section of your bill — just look for the BPAY logo:


Popular BPAY Billers


If you have any questions please contact us, our team will respond as soon as possible.